The Benefits of Using Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise can be any product that features the name, logo, or tagline of your business. Smart and effective marketing tools, they will significantly help to promote awareness of your brand. By choosing branded merchandise you are giving people the opportunity to experience your story and business ethos.

People love to receive something for free and better again if the product is useful to them. It can have a big impact resulting in more active engagement with your business. We highly recommend that branded products are included in your marketing budget. This great investment will maintain awareness of your business for your customers. As suppliers of great branded products, we know how effective they can be to achieve your marketing goals.


Build Brand Awareness

The primary goal behind every marketing campaign is to create brand awareness. Once people are aware of a brand, they will more readily identify with and engage with the business. To effectively engage people, you must be visible and stand out from the crowd. Your business can achieve maximum brand exposure with high-quality, long-lasting products.


Customer Retention

Customers are the lifeline of every business whose success largely depends on them. It is important to provide a valid reason as to why they should keep doing business with you. Genuine customer engagement and a proactive customer retention policy fosters loyalty. Loyal customers are more likely to refer your business to their friends and family who may become loyal customers in the future.


Lead Generation

Generating leads is essential for every business. It is much harder to gain new customers so to attract new leads you need them to engage with you. Branded merchandise is one way to generate new leads. By understanding the needs of your target market, you can offer a product that they need and want. Our branding agency gives you the potential to gain and retain more loyal customers.


Cost-Effective Marketing

A huge benefit of branded merchandise is that it can provide more interaction with customers. Such products can be passed between people further increasing their reach. Branded products are like business cards; however, people are much more likely to engage with a free product that benefits them. Being constantly reminded of your brand increases the chance of them doing business with you in the future.


Build Confidence

Whether you are a new business or more established, it is crucial that people know that they can depend on you. Once a customer trusts your brand, they are more likely to make repeat purchases and remain loyal to your business. This trust may inspire your customers to share photos of your branded merchandise online. This will gain additional visibility and reach amongst your target market.


Competitive Advantage

Every successful business aims to develop a strong reputation that sets them apart. With the help of our branded merchandise service, you can differentiate your brand to stand out from your competitors. Better again to use clever and useful branded merchandise that reflects the company ethos and values.

How to create effective branded merchandise

Convey the Right Message

Increasing brand recognition and promoting the brand message is the main goal of using branded products. Therefore, you must ensure that you convey the desired message when deciding upon and designing the branded merchandise.

Choose the Right Product

Take the time to research what type of branded products your customers are interested in and which ones will be the most beneficial. For example, a tech company may consider giving their employees a branded laptop backpack. This type of product is functional and will be used frequently.

Be Mindful of Quality

As branded merchandise is frequently offered free of charge, many companies are reluctant to spend a lot on them. The option to buy poor quality should be avoided. Good quality items that last will reflect well on your company. At Promotive, we can assure you that only the best quality products are used.

Style, Form and Function

Avoid the temptation to have big and bold branding on your promotional items – subtle and stylish works best for most items. Understand that people don’t want to feel like they are advertising on your behalf.  

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Products that we offer

We offer a wide range of products so there is something to suit all budgets and business goals. Some of our more popular products include promotional bags, laptop backpacks, clothing, water bottles, travel mugs, office stationery, golf umbrellas among others. Each product comes in a selection of colours for you to choose from.

As part of Cantec Group, Promotive truly understands the importance of great design. Take the first step and contact our team today. We will find the best products to suit your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering whether branded merchandise is a viable investment for your business? The good news is that most industries use this form of marketing in some way or another. With such a wide range of products available, branded merchandise has become more flexible with plenty of options to ensure the right product is used for your target audience.

The best types of products are ones that reflect well on your company, that aren’t too flashy and salesy and can be used widely. 

A discreet branding on a golf umbrella will always be well received. It can be used by employees for their work but can also be given out to customers who will appreciate the subtle message. 

Stylish, warm or rainproof jackets are equally good options – ideal for Irish weather at any time of the year! When correctly and appropriately branded, these can become sought after items for work. You know you have succeeded when you see them on the sideline at a match. 

Offering branded merchandise can generate leads and increase sales. It is important to consider the advantages of branded merchandise to better incorporate them in your campaigns. You should take the time to understand the needs of your target audience and offer them a product that will benefit them in the long run. Our staff can talk you through the various options on offer.  

Consider the message you wish to impart, who your target is and match the items. 

Reusable water bottles, cloth bags, pencils, or recycled goods are all ideal for a company who promotes sustainability as part of their ethos.  

Our quotes for branded merchandise generally start at 50 units. This is due to the cost of setting up the machinery. Lower quantities can be offered however, the cost per unit increases and renders the items less cost-effective.

You can give your branded merchandise to anyone who will take it. In fact, the greater the spread, the better the reach. If you select useful, practical merchandise that is well branded it can become a very desirable object. Ideally, you want people to see the item and want it. To get it, they will need to engage with you. 

Another great way of using your branded merchandise is via your employees. Not only are your employees one of your biggest assets, they are also great marketers. If they are wearing and using their own company branded items, especially out of hours, it reflects very well on a healthy, positive company ethos. 

You will need to provide the vector artwork. This allows us to size the image without distortion, separate the colours and reduce the colours if needed. Typical vector file formats are .AI or .EPS or vectorised .PDF.  You can bring the files into our Waterford office on a USB or you can e-mail them to

It will depend on your order specifications. Each order will be different. Once we establish what branded merchandise, printing style and quantities you require, we will include the estimated turnaround time on a customised quote.

Yes! Whether you are looking for your branded merchandise to be delivered to Dublin or Cork, our courier service can deliver your order to anywhere in Ireland. The price of delivery will vary depending on the weight of the order. If you wish to have your order delivered let us know and we will include this on your quote.

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