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Our Content Marketing Agency is focused on creating and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content to attract and convert your target audience into customers.

At Promotive, our experts have the experience and skills to produce engaging and inspiring content to help drive your company forward.

A well-crafted content marketing strategy aims to build your brand, convey your message and ultimately increase conversions.

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Why do I need Content Marketing Agency?

In an increasingly busy online space, ensuring your content is seen is vital to your company’s online, and ultimately offline, growth.

Social media posts, blogs, white papers, infographics, e-Books…the world of content marketing creates an enviable variety of options to perfectly position your business among and above your competitors.

Delivering high-quality, relevant content on a consistent basis builds your reputation as the go-to source for existing and potential customers.

Sell, Sell, Sell?

Content marketing offers a huge opportunity to build a relationship with your current and potential customers. Rather than thinking “Sell, Sell, Sell”, with your content, you should be thinking “How will this help my potential customer?”

Content marketing is a tool you can use to draw your customers in, provide valuable information and develop a relationship where the customer wants to buy from you.

By creating and distributing your own unique and useful content, you increase your brand awareness and establish a relationship of trust. Customers do not feel like you are forcing a sale on them; instead, they see the value and move organically through your sales funnel to become a customer.

As part of the Cantec Group, Promotive also offer other Digital Marketing services such as PPC, Marketing Strategy and Website Design alongside with Printing Services like large format printing and photocopying. Our Branding agency team look after areas such as logo design, packaging design, graphic design and more. 

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media is a vital tool to use to reach your customers and prospective customers. We can design and implement a bespoke and detailed social media strategy (posts, graphics etc) to ensure your goals are reached. 


SEO Website Copy

If you want your company name to be found via Google search, it’s imperative to have high-quality content on your website. Well-researched and targeted content is the key; we can help you research, plan and write your new content or update your current website content to bring a fresh feel to it.

Email Marketing

Writing inspiring email marketing content is our specialty. Engaging your readers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is important to ensure a constant brand push. We can develop your specific style, designs and content to send to your customers including articles, sales emails or company updates.

Blog Creation

Blogging is the underused relation of SEO content. Blog content means posting regularly on topics relating to your business or genre. Focused on a single idea or point, blogs need to be distributed in a timely manner to your website readers. Think of blogs as similar to daily news items that your readers will be waiting to read.

eBooks & White Papers

White Papers and eBooks are a great way to increase your following, e-letter mailing lists and brand awareness. Similarly, they can be used as useful lead generation tools to bring customers to your business. We can research, write and design this content to help your business


Our brains are drawn to visual cues rather than text when we have a choice. Infographics, visual representations of text or information, help to draw potential customers in while presenting unique designs and content. Our team can design and present your content in a visually friendly way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing focuses on producing useful, valuable and relevant content targeting your intended audience; providing value for current customers while building relationships with prospective customers.

In short, all businesses! While every business has different goals and ambitions, the need for content marketing remains consistent; every business needs content to draw customers in, keep current customers engaged and to grow their brand.

No two companies will require content marketing for the same reasons. At Promotive, our content marketing material is designed specifically for your business and to meet your requirements. Whether that’s website, social media, email or blog content, we have the expertise to deliver.

Content marketing is the ideal way to increase sales leads to your company. Utilising unique and relevant white papers, PDFs and eBooks can create valuable lead magnets for your business where readers can opt-in to mailings lists, sales emails and be introduced to your sales funnel.

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