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Our Content Marketing Agency is focused on creating and sharing valuable, consistent, and relevant content to attract and engage your target audience and convert them into customers.

At Promotive, our expert team have the experience and skills to produce engaging and inspiring content that will accelerate the success of your company.

A well-crafted content marketing strategy will promote awareness of your brand and will establish you as an expert. It will ensure that you stand out as being a reliable company that can be trusted which, in turn, will help build lasting relationships with prospective and existing customers.

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Why do I need Content Marketing Agency?

In an increasingly busy online space, ensuring that your content is seen is vital. It is what fuels the company’s online and ultimately, offline growth and development.

Social media posts, blogs, white papers, infographics, e-books… The world of content marketing creates an enviable array of options to perfectly position your business among and above your competition. A Content Marketing Agency can guide, support, and advise during the development of content and will work with you to create the best content possible. They will devise and manage targeted content strategies to complement and augment your company goals.

Delivering high-quality, relevant content on a consistent basis builds your reputation as the go-to source for existing and potential customers. It is too important to be left to chance so if you don’t have the right skills inhouse, you need a content marketing agency.

Ok! Tell Me More!

Content marketing offers a huge opportunity to build a relationship with your current and potential customers. Rather than thinking, “Sell, Sell, Sell,” with your content, you should be asking the question, “How will this help my customer?”

Content marketing is a tool you can use to engage with your customer, provide them with valuable, relevant information and, crucially, develop a relationship where your customer proactively wishes to buy from you.

By creating and sharing your own unique and useful content, you increase your brand awareness and establish a relationship of trust. Customers see that you are not forcing a sale on them; instead, they see the value offered and trust you to guide them through the sales process.

Part of the Cantec Group, Promotive Content Marketing Agency offers other Digital Marketing services such as PPC, Marketing Strategy and Website Design alongside with Printing Services like large format printing and photocopying. Our Branding agency team look after areas such as logo design, packaging design, graphic design and more. 

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media is a vital tool to use to reach your customers and prospective customers. While it is ideal for planned content, it is also extremely suited to flexible, fluid content marketing for reactive posts. We can design and implement bespoke, targeted social media strategies with detail on posts, graphics, share frequency etc.) to ensure that your goals are reached. In addition, we can guide you on preparing and sharing posts that compliment and maximize these strategies.


SEO Website Copy

You’re going to want your company name to be found by Google search – it’s a bit pointless to put in all that work if no-one knows about you!  So, high-quality, relevant, and definitive content that has been well researched and presented is imperative. The expert team at Promotive Content Marketing Agency can help you to research, plan and write your new website copy and can revamp your existing website to bring a fresh and exciting feel to it.

Email Marketing

Learn how to make your email stand out in an unrelenting sea of incoming mail! Writing inspiring and enticing email marketing content is our specialty. To ensure a consistent brand message, you must engage with your customers frequently and connect on a regular basis. We can help you develop your specific style and devise the appropriate content to circulate to your clients. Think Product or Industry Articles, Sales Updates, New Feature Broadcasts and Newsletters.

Blog Creation

Blogging is the underused relation of SEO content. Blog Content means posting regularly on topics related to your business or product genre. Focused on a single idea or point, blogs need to be well researched and meticulously accurate. Most importantly, they need to be creative, interesting, and relevant. Part of your overall social media strategy, they ought to be delivered in a timely manner to your website readers. Think of blogs as like the daily news feed that your customers will actively seek to read.

eBooks & White Papers

Publishing White Papers and eBooks are great ways of increasing your readership and following. From them, your e-mail distribution lists increase as does awareness of your brand. They can be used to position your company as a thought leader within your field of business and serve as a lead generation tool to convert potentials to actual customers. Promotive Content Marketing Agency can research, write, and design this content to further develop the growth of your business.


When given a choice, our brains are automatically drawn to visual, graphical cues over text. Infographics or visual representations of information are particularly useful for presenting complex data. “A picture tells a thousand words! Vast quantities of text can be easily shared when presented in image or graphic format. Our team of expert graphic designers can deliver your content in simple, visually engaging and pleasing ways to best convey your message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content Marketing focuses on creating and sharing useful, valuable, and relevant content targeting your intended online audience. It should be a resource for customers and establish you as an expert in your field. Well researched and professionally presented content that is useful for your customers will facilitate the building and enhancing of relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Content Marketing focuses on creating and sharing useful, valuable, and relevant content targeting your intended online audience. It should be a resource for customers and establish you as an expert in your field. Well researched and professionally presented content that is useful for your customers will facilitate the building and enhancing of relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Building a business is hard work! Building a successful business is even more difficult. It would be pointless to do all the hard work and not have an online presence. Customers expect to see you on some form of social media and want to be able to engage with you on their terms – from home, after hours, when travelling etc. So, when a social media and online presence is a must, then high-quality, relevant, and consistent content is also a must.

No two companies will require content marketing for the same reasons. For some it is brand awareness and for another, it might be consumer education about their product. At Promotive Content Marketing Agency, our marketing material is designed specifically for your business and to meet your requirements. Whether you need smash social media or blaze a blog trail, we have the expertise to deliver.

Content Marketing is an ideal way to increase sales leads for your company. Utilizing unique and relevant white papers, PDFs and eBooks can create valuable lead magnets for your business. Readers can opt-in to mailing lists, sales email and be introduced to your sales funnel. Boosting brand awareness expands the potential customer base and generates wider recognition of your company, brand, and product.

Higher conversions are expected when more people are aware of your brand and product which lead to greater sales revenues and increased customer retention.

Customer Retention is key to business success. It takes much less time and effort to retain an existing customer than it does to attract a new customer. While your hard sell marketing and advertising will attract new customers, you can use content marketing to target your existing customers.

Upselling, cross selling, new product introduction, new product features, improvements to systems, enhancement to the service you offer can all be shared directly to your existing client base. Strategic content marketing can focus on sustainably and consistently building customer loyalty to your brand and your business

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