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Promotive is a fullservice Digital Marketing Agency WaterfordIreland. We help our customers propel their business forward by defining, developing and delivering a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Then we review, measure and improve this strategy to ensure we achieve tangible results and return on investment.   

Our Digital Marketing Agency Waterford helps our customers boost their brand and increase their sales in a creative manner. We know our clients and are focused on growing and expanding their business. We are passionate about what we do! So, if you’re looking for a digital marketing company that embraces your business and is driven by results, you’ve found us. Welcome to Promotive. 

digital marketing agency waterford

Our Service Promise

You are putting your business in our care. We get it. That’s huge 

And we won’t let you down. We will deliver an effective digital marketing strategy that will expand your opportunities and empower your online business. That’s our promise to you. 

Our experienced, dedicated creative team are at your disposal for the duration of the project. You can avail of our professionalism and experience, our knowledge and our expertise. We know people and we understand that it is people who buy products. At Promotives Digital Marketing Agency Waterford, we use technology to connect people with your product. 

Digital Marketing Agency Waterford - Our Services

As part of the Cantec Group we know that Digital Marketing is not an option – it is critical for the success of your company. It has transformed how business is done. Put simply, Go Digital or Go Home.

Web Design

Our Digital Marketing Agency Waterford is an established website design company with offices based in Limerick, Waterford and CorkWe design creative and effective user-friendly websites for every type of industry.  We develop robust and impressive interfaces that will easily convert passive browsing into active buying.  

Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating and distributing content for a targeted online audience. The content could be your story, brand, product or service. The key, however, is that content needs to be interesting, valuable and relevant. Great content is used to fuel SEO, lead generation and optimise your sales conversions. Depending on your platform, though, the type of content will vary. Factor in variations for social media marketing, website content and advertising campaigns. 


Our PPC team is highly experienced in the development and implementation of profitable strategies for paid marketing. We have a thorough understanding of the advertising and budget planning needed for effective PPC management. Using data-driven insights, technology and innovation, we will deliver effective campaigns that will increase sales, generate leads and enhance brand awareness. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will dramatically improve your visibility online and increase traffic to your site. Consumers place more trust in organic searches and SEO enables your business to be found online. Our SEO experts will help your company rise in the page rankings which will bring increased traffic to your site. Learn more about how effective Digital Marketing solutions combine content marketing, website design and platform knowledge with SEO to boost your online presence.  


Social Media Marketing

As one of the top Digital Marketing Agency Waterford has we understand that social media marketing plays a major role. They allow you to connect and engage with your target audience via tailored campaigns created specifically for each platform. It also helps to keep your brand message consistent, authentic and true. Creating great quality content that garners attention on social media will lead to more hits on your website and increase conversion opportunities. SEO and Social Media campaigns are intrinsically linked, too. Proactive interaction and regular direct engagement with your customers across a variety of social platforms is a must for any successful business. 


Google Ads

We are experts in using Google Ads to place your company in front of potential customers when they search for your product or service. Think of us as an extension to your marketing department – we will research, plan and implement a strong campaign. Regular reviews and metric evaluations ensure that you will convert viewers into buyers. Contact our Google Ads experts today in our Digital Marketing Agency in Waterford.


digital marketing agency waterford

The Complete Package

Avail of the complete package – allow Promotive to manage your entire Digital Marketing Campaign. We see beyond the screen and understand what it takes to make your customer engage and interact with you and your product. The integrated approach of our dedicated creative team will help us to help you tell your story.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Availing of the services of a professional digital marketing agency won’t cost the earth. You will be surprised to discover just how cost effective a well thought out and well executed campaign can be. Most marketing agencies will offer a variety of services from which you can pick and choose your requirements. It is not about spending a lot of money: it is about spending it well. The benefits of experience and expert advice can never be underestimated. Set your budget and ensure that you are given clear and detailed quotations for the work in hand. 

This varies depending on whether you opt for a single service or an integrated package. An agency would maintain your social media pages, design and post your Facebook adverts, run email marketing or Google Ads promotion, and write a monthly blogA digital marketing agency would take care of the digital marketing needs of your company. The benefits are many: there is no guesswork involved. To see what is working and what is not, methods are constantly evaluated. Outcomes are measured against pre-determined levels and plans are changed or updated, as necessary. This is the digital marketing path. 

Any company who has a presence online or who requires people to engage with and purchase a product or service would need digital marketing. That would be most of us then! Technology has changed the way in which companies work today. From major brands and established companies to the emerging entrepreneur and tiny homestart up, digital marketing can make a difference. The advantage of digital marketing is its reach. The real question is Can you afford not to utilise digital marketing?  

There are many elements to a digital marketing strategy – an initial consultation with an experienced digital marketer would be your initial investment. The price you should pay will be dependent on the chosen strategy and the level of support required. Consider the type of service required, the length of time for the campaign, the type of product, your target market and your marketing objectives. Are you looking to launch a new product or strengthen brand awareness? Have you determined the sales value desired? Is your campaign time sensitive (Christmas campaign for example)? These factors will all play a part in determining the spend for your digital marketing campaign.  

What you should expect is clarity of spend from your digital marketer – they will identify the budget breakdown and include the ROI expected per segment.  

An essential element of the budget should also outline the metrics on which the campaign will be measured. There should not be guesswork – clear, outlines on what to expect are recommended to run a solid campaign. 

Brands Built Beautifully

Have a business that needs to look its best?

digital marketing agency waterford

Our Services

Promotive, a leading marketing agency  in Waterford that offer more than just digital marketing services. Our branding agency help businesses design and produce branded merchandisebusiness stationery and promotional products. Promotive are also known to help businesses with their logo design and graphic design. Our printing services are a large part of our business too. We offer large format printing, photocopying services, packaging design and point of sale.