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Welcome to Promotive – part of the Cantec Group. We are an innovative graphic design agency in WaterfordWe offer a complete range of creative, high-quality graphic design services to meet our clients’ needs. From brand building or logo design to business stationery and corporate marketing, we believe that visual appeal is everything! Whatever your design needs, our team of dedicated, professional designers are ready to bring your concept to the next level. Contact Promotive if your business needs the best graphic design Waterford has to offer.

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Great Design to get you noticed

We are passionate about graphic design and want to help you tell your story through intelligent design, clever concepts and meticulous execution. Get in touch with us today via email or phone. 

Graphic Design Waterford - Our Work

As part of the Cantec Group we know that successful graphic design emerges from an excellent collaboration between the client and the designer – our marketing agency works in total partnership with our clients to achieve creative, intelligent solutions. Each project is unique and is approached by our dynamic team in bold and diverse ways from our graphic design Waterford studio. To achieve the best possible result, three elements of our Graphic Design Process remain consistent regardless of the project: 

Graphic Design Process


Understand exactly what client wishes to achieve.
Ensure requirements are fully incorporated into the design.
Maintain effective communication throughout the process. 


Understand project parameters.
Time is of the essence – Meet the deadline.
Collaborate to accumulate & accelerate.


Define and align the budget.
Allocate to achieve best result.
Quantifiable return on investment. 

Graphic Design Waterford - Our Services

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Annual Reports

Our graphic design Waterford team will make your annual report really stand out. We will convert your complex information and detailed reviews into simple, eyecatching infographics. Don’t waste your time with reams of reports – graphs, charts and gorgeous images all convey information in an easier, more reader friendly way.   

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The first step for any emerging company or business is getting your corporate identity and branding right. Reflective of your company’s values and ethos, the look of your branding speaks volumes about your product and services. This is a job for great designers at a branding agency – go to the professionals. 

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Even in this digital age, vouchers are still very much appreciated! We like to give and when unsure of a gift, vouchers are always a great option! At Promotive, we can design a bespoke voucher for your business via our printing services. We can also design a card in which to present a credit card style of voucher. 


Most products require some level of packaging to contain or protect the contents. Clever graphic design can streamline production and shipping costs. Packaging design frequently doubles as mobile advertising increasing brand awareness and generating additional sales opportunities. 

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A clearly laid out, well-presented menu is a must for many services. It is something that people will read and gives you the opportunity to showcase your product or service. A creative, elegant design that reflects your business brand enhances that experience. Including logos, pricing and descriptions gives your customer the knowledge they need to make decisions. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential element to any business – you need a digital presence. The more effort you put into the bespoke design of your web page or online portal, the greater the return. A great digital marketing agency such as Promotive can help with a great website design for your business. Other services offered by our digital marketing team are social media marketing, PPC marketing and content marketing.

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Posters & Flyers

When producing a poster or flyer for advertising or sales, it is very important to design it well. It may be the first time your customer sees your product or service and first impressions count! Consider the font, colours, imagery, size, the quantity of information, quality of print and how it all pulls together. 

We can produce a range of flyers and posters (from A6 through to A0) to meet your needs, even if it’s large format printing. Depending on your aims and budget, we can advise on the best approach to really get your message where you want it. Offering a one-stop shop, we can design and print all your marketing needs with fast turnaround times.

If a loved one of yours sadly passes, we can design and print memorial cards suited to your family needs. We will work with you at your pace and be there to give a helping hand.

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  • Temporary or Permanent, we have a full range of signage design to choose from. 
  • Short term options (elections/ limited run/sales campaign) can be very effectively produced as corriboard, cardboard or laminated posters. 
  • Longer term needs are more effectively fulfilled using metal, acrylic, vinyl or canvas signs.
  • Consider where the signs or posters will be displayed – do they need to withstand weather and other harsh elements? Can they be reused multiple times? 
  • Pullup banners are ideal as a more robust internal solution and are extremely suited to conferences or tradeshows. 
  • Flag banners (feather, straight, or teardrop) are convenient short or longterm options for internal or external advertising. 
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Logos & Identites

Ah we love a good logo! Logo Design is probably our favourite type of project! If you are a sole trader setting up a new business or a larger company looking to rebrand, you must get your logo right. As the first thing that potential customers will noticeit needs to be memorable. It creates your professional identity and helps you stand out from the crowd. Your logo needs to reflect your company’s values, personality and vibe. That’s a lot to ask from a logo! We can include the logo on branded merchandise, business stationery, promotional products and point of sale. So pick us as your trusted graphic design Waterford agency. 


Extremely Helpful

We found working with Promotive very rewarding and effortless at the same time. They put a lot of resources, from the beginning, into understanding what our vision for RESI was and what we wanted from our brand. They translated that into graphics which exceeded our expectation. They were also extremely helpful and available to us throughout.
Ward Frisby

Unrivalled Design

Promotive Design & Print provided the most comprehensive, efficient and competitive pricing service that we have ever experienced. From our initial meeting with Paula O’Gorman (Graphic Designer) our experience of her creativity and honesty of interpretation was outstanding. Paula listened to our briefs and demonstrated unrivalled design, communication and interpretation skills. I have no hesitation in recommending Promotive Design & Print both for printing and design work. We were blown away by the final design. Definitely the best.
Ian St. John
St. John Golf Academy

Why work with our Waterford Graphic Design Agency?

As an Irish graphic design agency in Waterford, what really excites us is the opportunity to help you tell your story. Starting from the initial design concept, we can help you navigate the journey to tell your story to the world.  

Our graphic design Waterford team help many satisfied customers in Dungarvan and Tramore. Our customers are also located in other major urban areas such as Cork, Limerick and Dublin.  

We Capture

Attention spans are shorter these days! A well-designed logo is essential to quickly grab your viewer’s attention and communicate your company’s core values in an interesting and relevant way.  

We Care

We are focused, creative professionals who will deliver consistently high quality graphics, on time, within the specification and within budget. 

We are Creative

Our fantastic team are very experienced and skilled in all areas of Graphic Design and are familiar with the main suites of computer design packages. 

Graphic Design Waterford FAQ's

The design fee will be based on the amount of time required to discuss, draft and design the logo. It is a relatively simple process but not necessarily a simple execution. Prices can range from 395 to 1,300 depending on the complexity of the design. An experienced designer will be able to accurately outline the costs so that the client can correctly budget for the service. 

The real question here is how much will it cost you if you don’t hire a professional to do this job for you… Getting the logo right is an essential part of the design process. It can’t be “nearly right” or “just ok” – it needs to be great. After all, you will be looking at it for several years to come as you build your brand. This is not the job to scrimp on – spend a bit of money on a well-conceived, well executed design and you will not regret it. 

There are several phases to the design of a logo. The initial consultation between the client and the designer is the starting point and should take about an hour. Ideally, the client should have a clear understanding of what he or she would like. The client should also describe the company values, the image they wish to project and have an indication of the style of logo they wish to achieve. 

The designer needs to listen well and hear what is intended as well as what is being said. Usually between 3 and 4 mock-ups are drafted for initial client feedback and 1 or 2 are brought to completion. 

Review our page on Logo design for further information. 

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