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Lynn Cahill
Humble Bee Food Wrap

It’s a wrap! How Promotive successfully branded Humble Bee Food Wraps

Our Client

Lynn is the proud owner of Humble Bee Food Wraps. Hand-made locally in Waterford, she specialises in making high-quality, eco-friendly food wraps that are a great re-usable alternative to tin foil and cling film. The wraps come in a variety of sizes and designs so there are plenty of options to choose from. Ware also big fans of sustainable projects, so we were excited to get started on this branding journey.

The Challenge

Lynn approached us to help her redesign and update her logo and packaging. She was looking for a cleaner, simpler look to reflect her brand values that would be instantly recognisable on her social media pages. 

Brand Values

  • Creativity 
  • Simplicity 
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Quality 
  • Authenticity 
  • Sustainability 
Humble bee logo created by branding agency Ireland

Our Solution


The branding process began with a brainstorming session to research Lynn’s target market and competitors. Armed with this valuable information and keeping the brand values to the forefront, we presented various styles, layouts, and colours on a mood board. These were highly influenced by our client to incorporate her personal touch. The final vision for the logo was of one that would be simple but strong and instantly recognisable.  

Concept Drawings

Research complete, it was time for the fun to start! Our designers were let loose on the mood board’s colours and concepts. The bigger challenge was trying to decide on which of their fantastic ideas we should progress. Our client, keen to highlight the Humble Bee of her company name, was determined to include a bee image in the design. The team embraced this approach and experimented with various shapes and styles of bees to get the right one. 

Bringing the Sketches to Life

Taking the best sketches and looks, we transferred them to their optimal digital version. We presented the various logo options to our client and once she chose her favourite, we were able to refine the logo with different colours and fonts for the best visual impact. The ‘bee’ icon is combined with the business name to form a creative, authentic, and minimalist brand. We ensured that the typography and graphic elements worked together as part of the logo to achieve harmony, flow, and cohesiveness within the brand identity 

Brand Related Items

Once the logo was approved, the next stage of the design process involved designing branded marketing items to support the brand identity. This allowed us to be a little more creative. Our design team began working on marketing items such as business cards, compliment slips and external packaging for the eco-friendly food wraps. Keeping the branding consistent is essential for any company but even more so for a start-up enterprise. We made sure the logo, colours, illustrations, and typography were constant and utilised harmoniously throughout the suite.

The colour palette and typography were chosen based on a blend of the clients’ suggestions and our recommendations. The pastel colours on the business suite and packaging create a soft and welcoming feel. As an environmentally responsible product, it was appropriate to incorporate a natural green colour. The artwork on the branding was inspired by Lynn’s recommendation, as bees are attracted to lavender flowers. We incorporated the flower illustrations with small bees flying around them. This created a sense of playfulness and authenticity.

Business Cards and Compliment Slips

Our client was resolved in her desire to promote that the wraps are handcrafted locally in Waterford, Ireland. We ensured that this message was proudly stated on all branding collateral.  

Writing a thank you message on a compliment slip is a fantastic inclusion when shipping your product.  Your customers will appreciate the personal touch and will be pleased to know that you appreciate their business.  


Maintaining the eco-conscious theme, the external packaging was designed to avoid plastic and unnecessary waste. Using a cardboardsurround to package the food wraps was the most suitable solution. There are three panels on which to include all the product information such as how best to clean and store the wraps. We added various illustrative elements of a beehive to reflect the company name and maintain the bee theme.

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I needed a strong yet simple design that would work well on packaging and various other items. The design team at Promotive were very helpful and made sure I was happy with the design at all stages of the project from concept to the printed end products.
Humble bee logo created by branding agency Ireland
Lynn Cahill
Humble Bee Food Wraps
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