Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is a business’s overall approach for reaching prospective consumers and converting them into buyers of their products and services. 

Usually a long-term plan, it will set out the business’s goals for achieving a sustainable competitive advantage over other providers. It focuses on a variety of campaigns, marketing channels and a brand strategy to grow the company.  

Who needs a marketing strategy?

Every business needs a strategy; it’s imperative to effectively plan for the company’s future.  

As part of the Cantec Group, Promotive knows that designing a strategy takes time and demands achievable and realistic goal setting. Companies that take shortcuts in strategy planning will not see the full benefits, whereas taking the time to design a detailed plan – one that can be refined – will clearly reap results.

marketing strategy

What do I need for a marketing strategy?

Your strategy needs to be clear, concise and in line with the company’s own targets and ambitions.


It is vital to understand where your business fits in your specific market, who your target customers are and how to reach them.

Without a strategy, comparing and analysing progress is difficult and impedes decision making abilities 

Marketing Strategy vs Marketing Campaigns

These can often be confused or considered the same. They are, however, not the same and it’s important to differentiate between them.  

Your strategy is a high-level framework for your business; your overall plan for the brand and sets out the company objectives.

Your campaigns are much more focused, shortterm initiatives that are designed to achieve a specific goal.  

The two are intrinsically linked, however. Your overall strategy should inform your marketing campaigns, their goals and outcomes, budgets and timelines. 

Why do I need a strategy?

Many companies work on individual campaigns to build their business; PPC campaigns, advertising signs, email marketing, content marketingwebsite designlogo designsocial media marketing and many other campaigns, but often without a strategy in place to properly plan and set company objectives. 

By setting out a marketing strategy, you generate a structured document which outlines the purpose, aims, timelines and more to connect the various marketing campaigns to your overall strategy. 

A 2019 study conducted by CoSchedule found that firms with a documented marketing strategy were 313% more likely to report success in their marketing campaigns. 

Advantages of a Marketing Strategy

Successful marketing is about building a trusted and recognizable brand for your business. Customers want to see consistent and regular communications from your business. Random marketing campaigns don’t have the desired effect and are easily ignored. Without a clean strategy, you are throwing money away.  

  • Creates a Plan of Action for the Business 
  • Sets Objectives and Measurable Targets 
  • Defines & Targets the Right Audience 
  • Prevents Wasted Money 
  • Ensures Consistent Brand Message 
  • Creates a Concise and Holistic Strategy 

Can Promotive Design My Strategy?

As Promotive, we’re here to guide you from the planning stage all the way to implementation. Our team of industry experts have the experience to work with you to design a strategy, completely customised to you and your business 

We have worked in all areas of digital marketing strategies and can help find the right channels to get your business and brand to the right people, at the right time.  

Whether you’re looking to match your SEO with PPC, your email marketing with print advertising, or the many other marketing campaign types, we can design the strategy you need. 

Reach out now and let’s get started. We work to define your goals and build the perfect strategy for your business.  

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