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Designing or selecting memorial cards can be an emotional and difficult time – you may be dealing with the recent loss of a loved one or an anniversary may be approaching.  However, beautifully designed memorial cards pays tribute to the deceased and serves as a keepsake to family and friends. Promotive produce bespoke memorial cards in Ireland to the highest of standards and our design team are dedicated to helping you make the selection with the greatest of ease. When the time is right to have memorial or acknowledgment cards printed, we will help you create a card that is unique and distinctive.  

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The Tradition of Memorial Cards in Ireland

Traditionally, memorial cards in Waterford and Ireland were distributed on the first anniversary of the death. People may not have seen each other since the funeral, and it was a way of gathering people together to remember the person who had died. This tradition has changed over the years and people opt now to get the cards at other times such as a family gathering or to remember their loved one’s birthday.  

Styles of Memorial Cards Waterford

Each memorial card is designed entirely to your own specification.

We design each card in consultation with you and encourage you to discuss the choice with close family or friends. We can create a traditional folded memorial card, a wallet sized smaller card or a bookmark style. Simple or folded prayer cards can also serve as a fitting tribute to the deceased. As all cards are designed and printed by us, we can create bespoke designs if you have an alternative in mind. 

Choice of Acknowledgement Cards

Acknowledgement cards or Thank You cards are frequently requested by the family of the deceased.

Supplied with envelopes, these cards are an ideal way to thank family and friends for their help and support at the time of the death and funeral. Acknowledgment cards can also be sent to recognize the presence of people who attended the funeral. These can include an image and personalized text although many use the standard card format.  

Selection of Images

The pictures and imagery on all our memorial cards in Waterford & Ireland can be completely tailored to your specification.

We can use a favourite photograph or image of your loved one that has special meaning or include pictures of significant locations, buildings or items. Images can be religious or secular and we have a vast selection from which to choose. We can carefully edit your photographs to enhance the colour and clarity or remove backgrounds to suit. Natural images such as flowers, trees, gardens or seascapes can be used to reflect your loved one’s interests. They can also enhance the card as a background image over which the text appears. Symbolic images can be used to signify the end of life such as dusk or twilight scenes or pathways in Autumn or Winter.  


Selection of Wording & Text

We fully understand how important it is to select the wording for the memorial card and can offer our expertise to help you. 

We recommend that you include something that represents the life of the person you have lost – their favourite poem or prayer. Words that remind you of them or that were significant in their life are wonderful tributes that you will cherish forever. Increasingly, we see people write a personal message or include a specially written poem on the memorial cards.  

Creating the Memorial Card


Initial Design

Once the selection of card style, imagery and text has been made, our designers will pull it all together for you. We have lots of experience creating the memorial cards in Ireland and can offer useful guidelines in terms of the way the card is laid out. 



All the detail is proofread and checked for accuracy. A sample is printed and sent to you for final approval prior to printing. We will only proceed when you are completely satisfied. 


Print Production

We use a premium quality card for our work to ensure that the look and feel of the finished product is perfect and will last. The folded cards, bookmarks and wallet cards are also laminated using a soft matt finish to ensure durability. 


Design Filed

Final designs are kept on file should you require additional copies at any later stage. This service really enables flexibility as many customers underestimate the number of memorial cards they will require. Knowing that more can be ordered at any time is helpful.  

Memorial Cards Waterford- Nationwide Availability

Memorial card consultations can be done face to face at our Waterford office as well as over the phone or via email. Promotive is part of the Cantec Group, which has allowed our personalized service to travel to customers in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Galway to name a few as well as in the UK, France and the United States. We can send a sample pack to you that includes the various types of cards we offer. Our booklet also provides inspiration and guidance for selecting the imagery and wording from the comfort of your own home. You can discuss the options with your family and friends and include all the decisionmakers’ opinions in a relaxed environment. 

Our Service Promise

Choosing Promotive to create your memorial cards in Waterford and Ireland will be the easiest decision in this process. Our friendly staff are ready to listen and engage with you to make sure that every detail is considered and agreed. Tissues will be on hand as needed 😊 

We will guide you through the process offering our expert help and assistance. We will make suggestions as required and steer you in the right direction.   

You can rely on us to produce your order in an efficient manner and deliver it to you quickly. We remain available throughout the order process should you have any questions.  

Your satisfaction is crucial to us so above all, you can be assured of a personal, professional and sympathetic service.

Ordering Process of Memorial Cards Waterford


Select a Card Type


Select Background


Provide a Picture


Select Text

Frequently Asked Questions

Memorial cards in Ireland usually include the deceased person’s name, age or date of birth, date of death, and address. The front may include words like “In Loving Memory of” or “In Memoriam” and sometimes “Remembering”. There are no rules to follow so do not feel obliged to design the card in a particular way if that does not appeal to you. 

Short prayers, poems or personal tributes are frequently included in the card.  “Less is More” is a very good maxim to remember when designing the cards. Sometimes, they can be too busy and this detracts from the overall aesthetic of the card. Images of the person are included as are other scenic images like flowers, plants, trees, landscapes. Symbolic images are often used such as roads or pathways and images of dusk, sunset or twilight to signify the end of life. 

These cards are called Memorial Cards or Mortuary cards. They are sometimes called Memoriam cards. The cards are usually not ready for distribution at the time of the funeral. They are generally handed out at the anniversary of the person’s death or at an event to celebrate their life. The cards are usually procured by the family of the deceased and given to the bereaved and a memento of their loved one’s life. 

Memorial cards in Waterford can be ordered from any print company who include them in their repertoire. There are DIY options available however, these generally are not as professional as ones generated by a print company. Promotive design and print bespoke memorial cards and all work is done to the highest standard possible. Work is done locally by qualified graphic designers who complete the card from start to finish. 

A remembrance card is quite similar to a memorial card – they are cards designed to remind you of a person who has died. The card is designed by a close friend or family member and is distributed to others who loved and miss the deceased. 

An acknowledgement card is like a thank you card to those who attended the funeral. It is sent to people who came to the funeral home, funeral service, graveyard or crematorium. The card expresses gratitude from the family of the deceased for the help and support received by their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Usually, people order more acknowledgment cards than memorial cards. Acknowledgements are sent to a broader variety of contacts where the memorial cards are usually only given to closer family and friends. 

Memorial cards can be whatever size you like – however, they are usually sized to fit into a book, prayer book or wallet. They are designed to be portable and serve as a physical reminder of the person you have lost. 

A mass card usually comes with some preprinted sympathetic text. One can simply sign one’s name to the card. However, including a handwritten message is always very well received by the bereaved. Words to express sympathy and condolence to the family and friends are welcome as are messages to show understanding and empathy in their grief. 

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