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Where it all began

The design and print element of Cantec was established in 1999 – it began as a very organic side shoot of the business of selling copiers and printers. We had the equipment and it made sense to use them for more than just display models. At the time we offered a host of services including the design and print of business cards, brochures and a full memorial card service.

By September 2005, the design and print department was well established. It was then strengthened by the arrival of Paula, an aspiring graphic designer who bargained her way into securing work experience for her college degree. She gained her work experience, earned her degree and paved her way for promotion to Senior Graphic Designer and Head of the Marketing Department by 2015.

Paula O'Gorman - Head of Design and Marketing Department


Along the way, Paula recruited a graphic designer to assist with the ever growing volume of design and print work for their clients and with Cantec’s marketing strategy. Rachel, a talented artist as well as designer, has benefited from Paula’s mentoring and tutelage.

Between them, they are a formidable team – They work together on a variety of diverse projects and strive for excellence at every stage. They specialise in brand and marketing strategy along with the design and print of promotional and marketing material.  Clients include start-ups, SME’s and large multinational organisations.

An exciting challenge

Recently we were approached by Caroline Tyler, Director for the Irish Centre for Diversity with a request to design a booklet on behalf of Equality Ireland. It was a pleasure working with Caroline! She had a very clear understanding of what she wanted and had both high standards and expectations.

She identified concisely what she was seeking to achieve and supplied all the information required. Her brief was to produce a directory “to highlight employment opportunities and services available to the diverse communities of Ireland”. Our task was to pull together all the information, logos and images and lay it out in a manner that was aesthetic, practical and easy to read.

Whilst the desired outcome was clear, the path to achieving it was a little less straightforward. The design and layout changed quite substantially as information was fed in and the project grew significantly.

In addition, Rachel suggested that the logo being used was not particularly strong and came up with a number of alternative designs. Caroline immediately recognised the best logo from the shortlist and commissioned her to design new company stationery as a follow up project.

Rachel led the project with suggestions regarding the structure and layout of the directory. She encouraged Caroline in her choice of colour and finish for the booklet to establish a professional finish. Proofing of the content was done to a very exacting standard which required some adjustments to the text. Finally, the project was completed on time and within the budget as agreed.

Equality Ireland Logo DesignEquality Ireland Bookletirish centre for diversityFairness and inclusion for all

Copies of this directory are available from the Irish Centre for Diversity and are a wealth of knowledge for all employees and employers alike.

If you would like some further information on what Cantec can offer you in terms of design, marketing and print services, contact Paula on 051 337012 or hello@promotive.ie.

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