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Packaging design in Ireland play a very significant role in the product launch and marketing strategy. 

Used primarily to facilitate handling and transportation of your product, the packaging protects the contents from production through to end use. 

Good packaging design, however, is what makes your product market-ready. The shape, structure, materials, colour, graphics and typography are selected to appeal to your customers and help them with their purchase decision. 

Why is Packaging Design Important?

The key aim for a packaging design in Ireland is to develop a vehicle that can carry, secure, distribute, store, classify and differentiate a product in the marketplace

By showcasing your product and its features in an interesting, attractive way you can generate sales. You can also avail of the opportunity to advertise your brand and tell the story of your product. 

Packaging should reflect the product and represent the customer’s lifestyle ideals. Promotive can help by ensuring that your product and its packaging are appealing and attractive to buyers. Once they pick it up, they won’t want to put it back down.

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Three Questions Before You Start Your Packaging Design in Ireland


What is the Product?

This isn’t a trick question. When you think about packaging design in Ireland, it’s important to be clear about what you are trying to sell, its size, the materials used to build it, if it’s delicate?

These specific details will assist you in deciding which specifications for your product packaging are appropriate. A fragile product, for example, will require more secure packaging. Anything big or uniquely shaped, on the other hand, can require a custom packaging solution.


Who is the Product for?

Is it intended for men, women, or both to use the product? Is it targeted at kids or adults? Is it targeted at more environmentally conscious customers? Are you targeting homes in Ireland on a budget or with lots of disposable income?

Packaging must appeal to the target market so understanding that market is essential before starting the packaging design process. For example, larger text/graphics may be needed for older adults’ items. Products targeted at wealthier consumers could involve luxurious fabrics or materials that invoke a sense of comfort.


How is the Product Purchased?

How people in Ireland will buy your product is another important consideration the the packaging design. Supermarkets, small shops, online?

Products that are sold online and delivered need different packaging than those that have to stand out on a big-box supermarket rack. Think careful packaging for transport versus eye-catching boxes. 

If products are to be sold across diverse platforms, your packaging needs the flexibility to be consistent and recognizable.


The Three Types of Packaging

packaging design ireland

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is the packaging that the customer brings home. Also known as customer or retail packaging, it is the packaging that comes into close contact with the product. The goal of primary packaging is to protect, conserve or contain the product and supply information to the customer. For example, the primary packaging for beer could be a can or a bottle. It is important to consider this when partaking in packaging design in Ireland. 

Secondary Packaging

This is used to group products together, such as bottles, trays, or film wrap; in other words, the wrapping that is used to protect the packaging. This form of packaging is used to group a certain number of items into a stock-keeping unit, also known as an SKU. It makes it easier to handle smaller items by combining them into a single package.

Tertiary Packaging

Cartons and pallets are examples of tertiary packaging used for transportation and warehousing. Consumers seldom see tertiary packaging and it is normally discarded by retailers before items are displayed for sale. Brown cardboard cases, timber pallets and shrink wrap are examples of tertiary packaging.


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Written Copy

In packaging design, this can be anything from the product name, description, unique selling points, contents or user details.


The style, shape and colour used in the imagery need to be selected based on the product and your target market.

Required Marks

Barcodes, nutritional information, affiliation labels and other product/industry based information may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Package production at Promotive is a joint process with our customers. To present innovative and create packaging that satisfies your objectives, we consider your target demographic, retail and competitive climate, brand personality, product functionality, and of course your budget and scheduling considerations.

Promotive can create a logo design for you to use on your packaging and all your marketing materials.

We’d be delighted to! We will assist you in communicating your message and concentrating copy points to meet your customers’ needs.

The importance of competitive merchandising in sales cannot be overstated. We’ll assist you in conducting a rigorous analysis of the market environment and developing innovative advertising ideas that appeal explicitly to your customers’ preferences and highlight immediate product benefits – the most effective way to sell any product.

We can help you with website design, set up e-Commerce or online customer service features, use SEO to drive traffic and create a Google AdWords strategy. Whatever you need online; we’re here to help

As part of the Cantec Group, our marketing agency has everything needed related to your product – websites, e-commerce websites, point of sale posters, sell sheets, brochures, catalogues, trade show collateral and online marketing needs. We will assist you in developing a strong and successful brand image that you can use across all of your product marketing requirements. 

Tell Us About Your Project

Our professional design team are highly skilled in all things packaging. With Promotive, you are guaranteed a service that is second to none. Bespoke packaging designs will perfectly compliment your product and will create a splash with your target market.

To find out all you need to know about perfect packaging design, contact us.

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If you are not happy with your current packaging design? Bring that to us and we will ensure that your packaging will be what you are looking for. If you need total rebranding including a new logo design, then look no further.  Promotive, a Cantec Group company is a full-service marketing agency providing services such as printingbrandingdigital marketingwebsite designpromotional productsmemorial cardslarge format printingsocial media marketingPPCcontent marketing, business stationery and much more.