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Point of Sale Marketing (POS) is a form of in-store marketing that can be used to upsell consumers and increase their spend-per-visit in a retail environment. When properly implemented, a POS campaign can be used to create meaningful customer experiences, raise brand awareness and boost sales without being intrusive.

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Customer Appeal

When it comes to selling your brand, having a POS stand that appeals to your customers is crucial. Though point of sale solutions are most often associated with retail, other industries that use POS include the automobile, horticulture and travel industries.

Building a strong POS campaign requires good timing, the right template and, most critically, content that is consistent with the company’s other marketing efforts. Set out the messages you want to send to your customers; the most popular are discount offers, new product promotions and competitions.

When you combine your online approach with discounts and deals, you will benefit your brand by driving shoppers in-store. It’s important to remember that you need to have a clear message during the customer journey if you want to turn a client into a long-term customer.

What is a Point of Sale Display?

What is a Point of Sale Display?

A POS display is a type of sales promotion in which goods are displayed close, next to, or on a buying transactional location. When used to showcase or advertise convenience items, point of sale displays are most effective. The aim of such displays is to attract customers’ attention to goods and inspire them to buy on impulse.

Products on a Point of Sale Display

While any product can be shown at a POS display, convenience items are the most powerful and common: drinks, chocolate bar and sweets, Chewing gum, tobacco, and often newspapers/magazines.

Purpose Behind Point of Sale Displays

Consumers’ “problem recognition response” is triggered by point-of-sale displays, according to advertisers. Products on a point-of-sale table are normally items that aren’t at the forefront of a customer’s mind. Point-of-sale displays provide customers a graphic representation of goods to help them understand that they may need that product to solve a problem. Point of sale displays capture the consumer’s attention and create impulse purchases.

How to Generate Impulse Purchases through POS Displays

There are several ways to improve your point of sale displays to generate impulse purchases: Ensure all the products on the point-of-sale displays are low-cost, convenience items. Make sure the POS displays are appealing to the eye. Use contrasting colours to increase exposure and get innovative with the POS display to make them stand out and attract interest. Include discounts to entice customers to take advantage of the offer. “Buy one, get one free” deals are highly effective in generating impulse purchases at the point of sale.

Point of Sale Displays

At Promotive, not only can we help you with the design, working and full look of your Point of Sale displays, we can also provide a variety of personalised displays to suit your needs, business and brand goals.

  • Counter Display 
  • Display Stand 
  • Floor & Wall Path Posters 
  • Free Standing Displays 
  • Brochure Holders 
  • Tiered Stands 
  • Wall & Window Graphics 
  • Pop-Up Banners 
  • Cardboard Point of Sale Display 

Frequently Asked Questions

They all essentially present goods to customers in the same manner. However, they are ever so slightly different. A point of purchase is a location in a supermarket where a buyer completes the final step of a transaction. That checkout area, however, is a popular location for point-of-sale displays. 

Yes, without question. We will assist you in distilling your message and concentrating copy points on your customer’s immediate need. Our content writing experts ensure you have your message on brand and fits your needs perfectly. Our content marketing team can help here.

Previously, focus groups were solely responsible for this decision. We now have more advanced resources to help us decide when it’s time to “refresh items”. Magnetic packaging is the product of metrics paired with solid trend info. Branding is a continuous process that must adapt to the changing market. Even the most well-known and well-established brands can no longer rely solely on market recognition. They make changes along the way. And, in some cases, a full redesign is necessary.

Promotive can do logo design & brand identity for you to use on your packaging and all your marketing materials. We also offer packaging design services.

We will help you create a professional web presence, set up e-commerce or online customer service features, use SEO to push traffic, and create a Google AdWords strategy – whatever you need, we’re here for you. Contact our Web Design team today. 

We can create all the marketing materials that you need for your product. Since Promotive joined the Cantec Group we can also help with websites, ecommerce websites, point of sale posters, sell sheets, brochures, catalogs, trade show collateral, and online marketing are examples of ways that we can help you with. We’ll assist you in developing a strong and successful brand image that you can use across all your product marketing materials.

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Our professional design team are highly skilled in the latest techniques and resources available in the POS marketing material. That’s why Promotive guarantees POS marketing material that will ultimately deliver outcomes and have an impact on your target audience.

Talk to us and find out all you need to know about package design, production and produce results through the POS marketing material we can design exclusively for your product!

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