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At Promotive Creative Marketing, we design and supply a wide range of promotional products and advertising materials to suit every type of business. Bespoke promotional items to showcase your service, product or simply your company logo can significantly increase recognition of your business and improve brand awareness.

Promotional products can be used to convey information about your company to prospective and existing customers, advertise your service and product, increase customer traffic to your website and improve customer retention.

Promotive is a full-service marketing agency based in Waterford, Ireland. We work with local and national companies to propel their business forward. Drawing from decades of experience and expertise, we deliver unique products and an outstanding service.

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Our Promotional Products

Promotional products and marketing merchandise play an important role in ensuring that your company, brand, or logo stand out for your target audience. The concept of promotion is not something that you can simply switch on and off – it needs to be consistent and continuous to ensure that it has the most impact.

When you think of advertising supplies, do you think of a pen? A keyring? A mouse mat or stress ball? Coffee cups, anyone? While these items are commonly used as promotional products, there are so many other exciting and versatile options available too. Think clothing, shop signage, mobile accessories, checkout stands and branded gifts…and at Promotive, we can advise you on the most suitable products for your business that will yield maximum results.

Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise can be any product that features the name, logo, or tagline of your business. Useful, practical, and tangible promotional products that get your name right in the eyeline of your customers act as constant, subliminal reminders of your company. They are smart and effective marketing tools that promote awareness of your product or service.

People love to receive something for free and it’s better again if the product is useful to them or becomes a coveted item. It can have a big impact resulting in more active engagement with your business. While initially, a significant investment can be required, great promotional products will help maintain and strengthen awareness of your brand with your target market.

As suppliers of great branded products and advertising supplies, we know how effective they can be in helping you to achieve your marketing goals. Contact our promotional products team to find out more.

The best promotional products remind your target audience about your product or service. They should also reflect your company values. Sustainable products that are reusable or recyclable will represent your company in a very positive light and augment your green credentials. Are you an Irish company? Then, promotional products that are artisanal or hand made in Ireland mirror your ethos and values. Practical, user-friendly, or family friendly items will send a positive message about your priorities and remind your customers that you both care about the same things.


At Promotive, we specialize in sourcing and designing bespoke clothing for your company’s needs. Personalised and branded clothing is a very common marketing strategy used to increase brand awareness, but it also provides practical workwear solutions for your business.

Selecting from our huge range of clothing styles is best left to you – you know what you need! The design and layout of your branding on the clothing is where we excel. Our design team will take your logo and tagline and advise the optimum layout in terms of size, shape, colour, and positioning. Some logos and businesses lend themselves to more standard layouts but there is often room for some quirkiness and a burst of personality. We try to inject as much individuality into the design as possible and incorporate design elements where you might not expect them. Think of a butterfly or ladybird logo on the shoulder or an aspect of the logo on the cuff or lapel. Some logos might even find themselves peeping out of the breast pocket! The idea is to be noticed and we will make sure that happens.

Branded clothing can also serve as prizes or alternative promotional products during marketing and promotional campaigns. We ensure that your company brand is perfectly represented on fashionable and high-quality clothing options. This can include jumpers, shirts, jackets, hats, ties, or scarves and much more. Your clothing should compliment your company strategy and mirror your corporate values. For guidance and inspiration on the best selection for your team, contact our team today.


Powerful signage is vital to attract attention to your business. Professional and visually appealing imagery will help your target audience learn about you and promote easy recognition of your brand.

While the digital revolution has dramatically altered our methods of communication, many companies find exterior and interior signage to be one of the most successful marketing techniques.

In fact, the importance of signage can not be overstated. As a prominent visual feature, comprising information and images, signage helps connect companies with their customers.

The design and graphic details will educate your customers about your product and service and can direct them to your location or provide relevant contact information.

Your signage can also feature as part of your promotional products repository. Replicas or miniature versions of your signage and displays can become sought after or collector items. If Coca Cola can do it, why can’t you?

The size, shape, design, and positioning of signage is extremely important and a graphic designer’s experienced eye can help to maximize the aesthetic and functionality of your investment. Talk to one of our promotional products team members today. Our branding agency , part of the Cantec Group also offer signage design services by our graphic design team.  

Point of Sale

When it comes to selling your products, having a point of sale stand that appeals to your customers is crucial. Point of sale solutions are most frequently associated with retail products, but industries including the motor, horticulture and travel industries also use POS.

Let the creative juices flow! Your point of sale stand will be competing with many others, so it is essential that it gets noticed. Our design team can help here by adding that magnetic appeal to your POS stand. Incorporating special or one-off promotional products that are designed to attract greater attention to the campaign will further increase the appeal for the customer.

Building a strong POS campaign requires excellent timing and the correct template. Set out clearly the message you want your customers to see and ensure that the content is consistent with your other marketing efforts. The most popular campaigns are for new product promotions, discount offers and interactive competitions.

Including existing or new promotional products with your POS campaigns is extremely effective – Introducing a new product will have greater appeal if the consumer gets something free with it. Discounted items could take the form of “Buy Two and get the promotional item for free” and competitions could be enhanced with a free merchandising product with every entry.

And when you combine your online approach with any discounts or deals at the point of sale, your overall marketing efforts will be greatly enhanced, and you will very quickly see a substantial return on your investment.

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