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At Promotive, we supply a wide range of promotional products and aids to businesses of all shapes and sizes around the country. Promotional products can be used in your business to increase your brand awareness, provide information to customers, increase customer traffic, build sales revenue and much more.  

Promotive is a full-service marketing agency based in Waterford, Ireland. We work with local and national companies to propel their business forward using our decades of experience and expertise to deliver distinct and unique products and services.  

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Our Promotional Products

Promotional products play an important role in ensuring your company, brand and logo are at the forefront of your business supplies.  

When you think of promotional supplies, do you think of a pen? A keyring? A car sticker? Yes, those certainly, but there’s much more. Think clothing, shop signage, checkout stands and branding…and at Promotive, we can advise you on the most suitable products for your business that will have the biggest impact 

Promotion is not something you can switch on and off  –  it needs to be consistent and continuous to get the most for your brand and company.

We know that it’s a little too early to lift the lid on Christmas…but Christmas is coming and it’s best to be prepared. Browse our huge selection of gorgeous gifts and perfect presents for your staff or customers. 

Quick lead times, flexible ordering and competitive prices – just some of the reasons you should chose Promotive Creative Marketing this Festive Season.


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Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise can be any product that features the name, logo, or tagline of your business and can play an important role in your brand awareness campaigns. Smart and effective marketing tools like this will help to promote awareness of your brand.   

People love to receive something for free and better again if the product is useful to them. It can have a big impact resulting in more active engagement with your business. This great investment will maintain awareness of your business for your customers. As suppliers of great branded products, we know how effective they can be to achieve your marketing goals. Get in touch with our promotional products team to find out more. 


At Promotive, we specialise in clothing for your company’s needs. Promotional products is a very common marketing strategy used to increase brand awareness but also provides practical workwear solutions for your business.  

Branded clothing can also serve as prizes or giveaways during promotional campaigns. We ensure your company brand is perfectly represented on fashionable and quality finished clothing options. These may include jumpers, jackets, hats and much more. We ensure your clothing compliments your company strategies and corporate values. Contact out promotional products team to find out more.


Powerful signage is vital in business to ensure that you have a professional, visually attractive and recognisable brand. This will help attract attention to your business while growing your brand.  

The importance of signage in a company cannot be overstated. Although the digital revolution has drastically changed our way of communicating, many businesses find exterior and interior signage to be one of the most successful marketing techniques. Signage is a visual feature made up of signs and symbols that help companies and customers connect. The design and graphic details will educate your customers about your company and direct them to your location. Talk to one of our promotional products team members today. Our branding agency , part of the Cantec Group also offer signage design services by our graphic design team.  

Point of Sale

When it comes to selling your brand, having a point of sale stand that appeals to your customers is crucial. Point of sale solutions are most often associated with retail, but industries including the motor, horticulture and travel industries use POS. 

Building a strong POS campaign requires good timing, the right template and content that is consistent with the company’s other marketing efforts. Set out clearly the messages you want your customers to see; the most popular are discount offers, new product promotions and competitions. When you combine your online approach with discounts and deals, your brand will benefit. POS is an extremely aspect of promotional products.

digital marketing agency waterford

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