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Promotive is a social media marketing agency in Waterford, Ireland. We creatively plan, develop, and manage social media advertising and campaigns for our clients to create a strong online presence and brand identity. With approximately 1.3 million new users every day joining social media (Hootsuite), do not underestimate the power of social media as part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Social networking is one of the fastest-growing digital pillars in our society. People love to create and share news on social media platforms! They have become the go-to channel for business and product content, reviews, and recommendations. 

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Social Media Branding

As part of their business optimisation strategy, all companies should consider social media marketing. The advantage of working with a full-service design and social media marketing agency like Promotive is that we can support all your marketing needs. We will execute a solid, engaging, insightful and results-driven social media marketing strategy. Consumer behaviour analysis and tracking through various platforms helps to reinforce marketing strategies that produce greater return on investment (ROI). 

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Our Social Media Marketing Agency Services:

Social Media Set-Up

Our social media experts will develop your online presence and achieve a professional, consistent look and feel that will get you results – whether you already have your accounts set up or are starting from scratch. Our tailor-made set-up packages are perfect for those who want to run their own pages but need guidance to get it right. 

Social Media Strategy

The Promotive team will develop a Social Media Strategy that will achieve your goals and reach your target audience. We help solve key concerns around KPIs, competitors, audience, personas, channel mix and content. We devise a social media schedule and plan that matches your strategic objectives, details exactly which social media channels are most beneficial and how they should be used.

Social Media Audit

A Social Media audit report is the best way to determine how to expand your audience and reach while fulfilling your business goals. Our creative team will produce a comprehensive report on your company’s social media activities and the current positioning of your brand. A social media strategy will then be developed, highlighting new opportunities with a clear, quantifiable return on investment.

Social Media Management

A strategic approach to social media management is essential. The first step is to foster stronger links between your brand and  your customers. We will engage your audience, design and implement content calendars with relevant posts and encourage discussions around trending stories. Our social media marketing agency will determine who is engaging with your brand, how they feel about it and provide you with regular analysis and reports.


Social Media Content Creation

Our digital marketing agency team are experts in producing the most creative, cutting-edge content marketing strategies for our clients. Our graphic designers & creative digital marketing agency team can lead the development of innovative and fresh content such as infographics, research reports, presentations, social media assets, professional photography, informative guides, video content and so much more. 

Social Media For Start-Ups

Your start-up business, product or message can reach millions of potential customers, influencers, and advocates within minutes on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn. Our social media marketing agency can help create communities and grow your following as well as customising your profiles and initiating discussions and engagement on your pagesWe can build and improve your Online Reputation, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, SEO, SMO, Customer Service and Real Time Response rate.  

Pay Per Click Advertising - PPC

Google is not unique in offering pay-per-click advertising – Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram all offer PPC advertising. Our social media agency manages PPC campaigns across all these platforms and can recommend the best selection for your campaign. We work with you to achieve several objectives, such as instant traffic, hot leads, and optimistic ROI. 

Social Media Influence Marketing

It is not just what is said in today’s world, it’s about who is saying it! Influencer marketing strategies identify the most powerful people on social media whose target audience reflects yours and encourages them to talk about your brand. You can drive KPIs such as brand awareness, community development, website traffic or sales by harnessing the power of an Influencer’s ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendation.

Why choose Promotive as your social media marketing agency?

Promotive is a content and social media marketing agency in Waterford, Ireland that integrates digital marketing strategies with PPC, content marketing, videos, custom visuals, organic posts, and social media ads. We have several years of experience in developing and managing projects with B2B and B2C clients in various industries. Keeping a balanced approach to marketing enables each platform to work together to build brand awareness, drive website traffic and increase conversions.

Social Media Marketing Agency & More

You will have dedicated strategists who understand how to drive your consumer interaction, extend the scope of your brand and network in your space with influencers. We will help you maintain a clear, active presence on the platforms where your core audience lives  – Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat or YouTube.

Our Marketing Agency also provide services in Website Design, Content Marketing, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Printing Services and much more. 

Promotive also offer services in large format printing, memorial cards, branded merchandise, business stationery, photocopying, promotional products, packaging design and point of sale. Get in touch with our branding agency in Ireland today.

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The Importance of Social Media

Connect with Customers

Social media marketing ought to be a key aspect of your digital marketing strategy, simply because your audience is almost sure to be on at least one major social media channel. Regardless of who they might be, 54% of social browsers use social media to research goods and services. (GlobalWebIndex) 

Gain Trust & Attention

You have greater opportunities to capture their attention and show your value when you share the same social networks as your audience. Marketing on social media is noteworthy because it gives the audience a clear line of contact. Feedback, entertaining content, thought-provoking questions, or even social media competitions will all encourage immediate engagement and sharing. 

Our Waterford social media marketing agency team can help you develop and implement a strong social media marketing strategy to ensure you achieve your company objectives.

Social Media Channels Explained

Each social media channel appeals to a particular type of user. Understanding how people interact on each channel is necessary to find success with your social media strategy.  

There are many popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat but we have added a few tips below to help you identify how or when to interact on some of these social media sites. 

Each day, we work with a wide range of social media channels, providing us with the experience and skill to make recommendations to companies of all sizes in various industries. At Promotive we develop tailor-made social media strategies and solutions to help broadcast your message.

What are the main advantages of using a Social Media Marketing Agency?

For both startups and existing brands, social media marketing services have multiple benefits. Good social media content marketing that is planned, implemented, and monitored well will lead to greater search traffic, improved SEO, positive customer experience and enhanced brand loyalty.  

Enhanced Confidence of Customers

You can gain customer trust and create relationships with your followers by using social media to share useful content and engage in online discussions about your products and services. Showcasing your insight, experience, client testimonials, case studies, and other content proves the validity of your brand and thought leadership.

Better Visibility Online

Social Media is evolving and changing constantly and is a strong platform for businesses and brands for online marketing. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, will raise your profile and increase visibility and interest in your business.  

Increase Search Rankings

Posts, tweets, updates, and comments are all incorporated into the results pages of search engines such as Bing and Google.  The more consumers engage with your content, the greater authority Google and Bing will assign your content and rank you higher on the search results. 

Targeting Specific Audience

Marketing metrics via social media help to classify and target your desired audience by location, age, and online interests. Our experts in social media marketing assess and evaluate your niche market to understand the online behaviour of your target audience and design appropriate content to meet their needs. 

Enhanced Profitability

From small businesses through large organisations, one main advantage of social media marketing is that you can reach an infinite number of prospects free of charge through various channels. You can also use social media advertising to generate high-quality leads and reach unique markets to highlight your goods and services. 

Brand Management

Our marketing packages for social media are customized to your individual business needs. This ensures you have full control over the marketing plan for your branding, budget, and social media content. You can build a brand image that appeals to your target market and ensure that your B2B social media marketing strategy is always consistent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A social media strategy is a comprehensive roadmap to address the what, when, how, and why for all the content you post on your company social pages.  

  1. Identify your target market, competitors and analyse trends. 
  2. Define your objectives. 
  3. Clarify key messages. 
  4. Set a budget. 
  5. Identify the priority Social Media platforms. 
  6. Identify metrics. 
  7. Create killer content. 
  8. Allocate roles and responsibilities. 
  9. Test, evaluate, and tweak. 
  10. Experiment. 
  • Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. 
  • Bookmarking Sites: Pinterest, Flipboard, Diggs. 
  • Consumer Review Networks: Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor. 
  • Media Sharing: Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo. 
  • Discussion Forums: Reddit, Quora, Digg. 
  • Social Review Sites: Yelp, Foursquare, Tripadvisor. 
  • Community Blogs: Tumblr, Medium. 
  • Sharing Economy Networks: Kickstarter, Airbnb. 

It starts at approximately 150 a month to employ a social media manager to develop, post and monitor your content and social media accounts. Every package tailored to match the company needs and objectives. 

The marketing cost of social media varies between channels and strategies. To help you understand your audience and collect feedback for other marketing activities, most social media sites offer powerful analytics. However, paying for social media marketing is only worth it if you have a clear vision, know what you are doing and have a strategy in place.  

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